Whitehall Testimonials

Having rowed regular aluminum type rowing boats for years on various lakes in N. Idaho, I thought all boats rowed and handled the same – little did I know!
My attraction to the 16′ Whitehall came while driving by one parked along the highway near Sandpoint. The long curved lines, hour-glass stern, and sleek bow are truly a beauty to look at that is different than most boats.
After doing some research on the Whitehall, I decided to take it for a row thinking it’d probably be a similar rowing experience as other boats. What a surprise I had. The glide speed is truly awesome and effortless – using spoon oars help, but the design of the boat and it’s low sides which eliminates the usual awkward oar angle. This makes a real difference in the ease of rowing and speed.
Once you experience the rowing and glide traits of the Whitehall, regular rowing boats seem like slugs – which they are by comparison. Try out the Whitehall and you will be amazed and glad you had the opportunity and experience – I sure did

D.L.M., Hayden, Idaho

These Whitehalls row easily light or with a load. Great glide. When rowing one of Troy’s boats I became aware of why the whitehall is so famous. The beauty and care in finishing is immediately obvious

Bill B., Sandpoint, Idah