Our WhiteHall

The Whitehall we build is a 16’2″ Boston Style whose lines were taken from a boat by Albert Green, a Navy Yard Draftsman in 1876. It has been called the ‘Quintessential Whitehall’ and is a swift, refined, rowboat that is a real pleasure to row. It can glide 100+ feet in calm water and cuts through chop with ease. The long keel tracks beautifully and you won’t find yourself fighting the boat to correct direction due to windage or other factors.

An experienced rower can turn this around inside it’s own length. Historically, they were made to run fast and true, if not, smugglers and law enforcement would have used something else.

We have experience with these boats in all weather conditions on Lake Pend Oreille, in Sandpoint, Idaho for many years. At 42 miles long and 1150 ft deep, it is known to be uncommonly rough with sudden, severe conditions that are not meant for the faint of heart.

We’ve used this model on large lakes, small lakes, west coast saltwater, and even rivers. They are safe and stable, capable of handling wind and wave conditions outside the safe operating conditions for a canoe. This allows for family fun on the water that is safe for children and pets.

Trim and Finish Options

Trim Options:

  • Seat options include Teak, Sepele, or Oak instead of standard Mahogany
  • Gunwales Options include Teak or Sepele instead of standard White Oak
  • Stem, Breast Hook, Quarter Knees Options include Teak, Sepele, or Mahogany instead of standard White Oak.

Finish Options include Marine Oil instead of Varnish over Epoxy.


For your convenience, we offer quality hot dipped galvanized trailers from EZ-Loader as an option.