Benefits of Rowing

Why is rowing so popular?

Rowing is growing tremendously as a recreational sport, as people and health care providers realize the incredible health benefits gained both physically and mentally from rowing.  Calorie burns of up to 800 cal/hour can be achieved by rowing without a high impact on joints that receive extensive punishment with other forms of exercise. It has been proven by research that exercise releases endorphins resulting in stress relief and a better sense of well being, couple that with a relaxing marine environment, some spectacular scenery, and the peaceful motion of a fine rowing boat, and it is realized that virtually anyone can benefit from rowing.

Environmentally Friendly

Rowing and sailing boats are the most environmentally friendly water craft on earth. They have a lot going for them, no toxic fumes, no oil slicks, no fuel bills, they require no winterization or high maintenance bills.  They are healthy to use. Pack a lunch and some water and you’re set for an enjoyable day on the water, all while burning up to 800 calories an hour.  Small and threatened lakes require the use of non-motorized craft. The quality of our boats excel in this environment. They require very little power with oars or an electric motor to propel the hull through the water. Most people who have not been in a quality rowing boat are amazed at the ease of rowing one of our boats, this is why we recommend spending some time rowing before you decide to mount an outboard motor on your boat.  We think you will find them unnecessary in most situations.